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Everyday Emarketing: A New Blog for the Everyday Emarketer

I was actually inspired to start this blog after reading another blog post about marketing “gurus.”  There are so many self proclaimed gurus out there and it seems like there is a lot less “practical” advice on emarketing. Based on all the comments that this blog post received, it sounds like there are a lot of emarketers out there that agree with me.

I am by no means a guru in emarketing. I’m just an everyday emarketer trying to apply all of these things that I read and learn to my role as a director of emarketing at a B2B / B2C company. I am using this blog as a place to share practical tips advice, lists, information, studies, etc. with all of my fellow “everyday emarketers”.  I hope that this can be a place for all of you to share your experiences in emarketing too – without being flooded by “guru speak.”


Stefanie –

The Everyday Emarketer

P.S. It’s been a bit easier to get the Everyday Emarketing Twitter account up and running before my blog.  If you want to check out some great tips I’ve come across, follow me on  Twitter

P.P.S. Oh and if you want to check out the blog post that inspired me to start Everyday Emarketing, here it is “6 Ways to Spot False Gurus” from DigitalTonto

P.P.P.S (is there such a thing as PPPS?) Just a footnote… I have nothing against eMarketing gurus, I’ve learned a lot from many of them first hand.  It just seems there is a need for a place where emarketers in the trenches and on the front lines can have a forum to discuss the struggles we face everyday and not the “pie in the sky” ideas.  I hope we can start to do that here.


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